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  • Nature background with blossom branch of pink flowers and butter
  • Фотошаблон - Красавица возле BMW
  • Рамка детская – Мушкетёры короля
  • Seamless border on light vector background
  • Женский шаблон для фотомонтажа - Богатая леди
  • Рамка женская – Жемчужная
  • Construction and Fire Prevention concept
  • Фотошаблон для фото - Сильнее мужского пола
  • Рамка для школьных фото - Мой выпускной
  • Beauty seamless pattern with flowers, lace frame

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    Все для дизайнера и веб мастера » Журналы » Corel Painter - issue twenty-one

    Corel Painter - issue twenty-one

    Категория: Журналы

    Corel Painter - issue twenty-one

    Pdf | Eng | 79 Pages | - | № 21 | 34.66 MB

    For many of us, the nights are drawing in and the weather’s getting colder. Take some inspiration from the changing seasons with our Art Study on p52, in which Cat Bounds explores the rich palettes and textures of autumn leaves. Elsewhere, Zhu Hai Bo creates an unexpected image in the style of artist Chiang Yee, bringing together an icon of the English landscape and the deft, subtle touches of Chinese ink painting on p58. By contrast on p38, reader Judy Misquitta shows us how to liven up Painter’s pastel brushes with an explosion of kaleidoscopic colour. Meanwhile, Tim Shelbourne has handled our Paint Like tutorial this issue, exploring the painting techniques developed by one of the world’s greatest and most inluential artists: Pablo Picasso. Whatever brushes you use there’s something for everyone in our Drawing 101 guide to acrylics ( p66) and in our massive ten page feature on customisation, in which Jeff Johnson shows us some of the best brushes to
    use and adapt when creating landscapes ( p20 ).
    Enjoy your painting!

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