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  • Nature background with blossom branch of pink flowers and butter
  • Фотошаблон - Красавица возле BMW
  • Рамка детская – Мушкетёры короля
  • Seamless border on light vector background
  • Женский шаблон для фотомонтажа - Богатая леди
  • Рамка женская – Жемчужная
  • Construction and Fire Prevention concept
  • Фотошаблон для фото - Сильнее мужского пола
  • Рамка для школьных фото - Мой выпускной
  • Beauty seamless pattern with flowers, lace frame

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    Все для дизайнера и веб мастера » Учебники » Great Web Typography

    Great Web Typography

    Категория: Учебники

    Great Web Typography

    Pdf | Willey Publishing | Peck W. | Eng | 338 Pages | 2003 | Isbn - | 53.67 MB

    "I’m betting you’ll be as glad as I am to have this on your shelf! "–Nick Bradbury, creator of HomeSite and TopStyle When it comes to great Web sites, looks really ARE everything…

    When you design a page for print, you control the size of the paper and the placement of the elements. But on the Web, the size, resolution, fonts, and even the layout of your page can vary with the browser and the system used to view your site. In this lavishly illustrated guide, Web designer Wendy Peck shares the secrets the professionals use to resolve those problems and create eye-catching Web typography that looks as good when viewed with Explorer 4 on a vintage PC as with Netscape 7 on a flat-screen iMac.
    Includes a companion Web site featuring examples from the book and more.
    Understand how Web type works and learn why you should avoid certain variations
    Create and use cascading style sheets ( CSS ) to control type, and learn why they work better than HTML type control

    Work with text in any HTML editor or graphics program, including Fireworks, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash
    Avoid the top ten typography errors
    Learn the secrets of top Web designers, including typographical special effects, CSS, function versus form, and more
    Explore ways to create that "wow! " factor using graphic type.

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